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24 Jun 2016

Right Directions announce CIMSPA membership push

CIMSPA skills development partners Right Directions have announced that all new Right Directions staff, Quest NBS assessors and mystery visitors joining the company will be required to be members of the sector's chartered professional body, CIMSPA. 
Gill Twell, head of group development at Right Directions (pictured), explained the business case behind the new policy: "we share CIMSPA's ambitions to professionalise the sector, so it was an easy decision that our assessor team, who are the public face of Quest NBS, should be CIMSPA members. 
"Over the past two years we've incentivised CIMSPA membership for our staff through discounts but now is the time to set this as the baseline for new hires - getting assurance that our staff are committed to personal professional development, which in turn will help drive our business success. 
CIMSPA are perfectly placed to provide guidance and support to the industry - if we want the public to be better, healthier, stronger we have to ensure that as a sector we are able to deliver with a focus on continuous improvement and best practice to ensure quality and consistency across the board. CIMSPA membership and its ongoing CPD requirements help us to do this." 
Tara Dillon, CEO of CIMSPA, welcomed the move, saying: "I'd like to applaud our partners Right Directions for this real-world contribution to our workforce improvement project. Right Directions' Quest NBS assessor and mystery visitor teams are highly skilled sector professionals whose work helps to improve services to customers, and we're looking forward to welcoming more of them into membership". 
Quest NBS assessors are Right Directions' frontline workforce, whose core role is to visit and assess leisure facilities or sport development teams against set Quest modules for the facility or team to achieve Quest Entry, Plus or Stretch ensuring the process is a two-way interactive process. 
CIMSPA skills development partners Right Directions work with clients to help them achieve continuous improvement and promote the values of quality management and professional development with best practice guidelines and support. 
For more information on Right Directions' work with Quest NBS, visit: http://www.questnbs.org/

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