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14 Mar 2016

Quest Training Programme 2016

Quest Training 
Quest Internal Assessor Course FM 4 & 5 May 2016 South England 
Benchmarking FM 12-May-16 Oxfordshire 
Health Master Class 14-Jun-16 North England 
Health Master Class 21-Jun-16 South England 
Health Master Class 28-Jun-16 Midlands 
Quest for your team FM 15 Jun 2016 TBC Herts SV 
Moving onto Stretch FM & SD TBC Jun 2016 TBC 
SD Conference TBC Jun/ Jul 2016 TBC 
Benchmarking FM 06-Sep-16 Newcastle 
Webinar - H&S Declaration 13-Sep-16 n/a 
Webinar - New to Quest 28-Sep-16 n/a 
Webinar - Get the most out of the MV 31-Oct-16 n/a 
Webinar - Community Outcomes TBC Oct 2016 n/a 
Webinar - Environmental Management 03-Nov-16 n/a 
Quest Internal Assessor Course FM 8 & 9 Nov 2016 Central North 
Moving onto Stretch FM & SD TBC Nov 2016 TBC 
Webinar - Engaging with Disabled People TBC Nov 2016 n/a 
Quest for you Team SD TBC Nov 2016 TBC 
Benchmarking FM 06-Dec-16 South England 
Webinar - Team and Skills Development 07-Dec-16 n/a 
How to Achieve Better Results 2017 TBC 
Quest Internal Assessor Course 
This two-day course is aimed at staff who are directly involved in implementing Quest within centres and teams. It will help to increase understanding on how to make Quest part of your everyday approach to service and delivery. 
A half day workshop that gives Quest registered centres and teams the chance to meet peers in the sector and share good practice. Includes presentations and round table discussions led by our Ambassadors and Assessor 
Health Master Class 
A masterclass for those who want to increase their understanding of local health organisations and their priorities. This will link with Quest 2016. 
A free session that gives specific module training hosted by an industry leader in that field. Enables a wide audience to log into from the comfort of their home or office! 
Moving onto Stretch 
A one-day course open to both Sport Development Teams and Facility Management Centres on how to achieve Stretch. It will include information on how and what to include in the portfolio and how to sign post evidence for their chosen modules.  
How to Achieve Better Results 
This one-day session will help staff gain more understanding on how to improve their Quest score. It will review performance against best practice and provide an instant indication of progress with no results.  
Quest for your team 
A short one-day workshop that introduces Quest to those thinking of going through Quest or are new to the scheme. It covers what is Quest, how it can assist organisations and the steps required to take full benefit from the Quest process 
To book your place or for more information on courses please contact the Quest team 
01582 840 078 or admin@questnbs.org

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