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3 Sep 2015

STITCH Accident Benchmarking Tool first State of the Nation Statistics

Right Directions is proud to publish its first annual findings from their online leisure management analysis tool STITCH, which captures, collates and aggregates accident and 'near miss data'. 
Statistics show that 84% of recorded incidents, such as running into a squash racquet, colliding with a wall during a 5 a side football game or slipping on wet surfaces on poolside, could not have been prevented by the operator. 
"The findings make interesting reading and will enable centre managers to review site trends and avoidable accidents and incidents against national trends," said Gill Twell our Head of Group Operations. 
The report give operators an insight into the type and frequency of accidents occurring within registered facilities around the entire country and the ability for them to monitor accident trends locally and nationally for the first time. It may also help put preventative measures and service improvement plans in place to reduce the risks, and track the impact of any action taken. Equally, this kind of insight will be favourably viewed by underwriters and could reduce insurance premiums. 
The first figures highlight that 8 to 15 year olds are the group most likely to have an accident within a health club or leisure centre and the top five injuries reported are bruises, minor cuts, strains and sprains, nose bleeds and head injuries; these tend to be minor bumps. 
The analysis shows that the hotspot areas/facilities where accidents are most likely to occur are the sports hall, swimming pool, changing rooms, gym and soft play area. The top six causes are contact with an object, contact with a wall or the floor, sporting injury, contact with another person and a slip or a trip. 
The reporting platform STITCH has recorded accidents from over 170 leisure facilities with the initial data showing that only 0.49% of the total number of accidents recorded were RIDDOR reportable. 
Right Directions is really excited with this development as it is the first time leisure centre accident data can be analysed and benchmarked in this way and will give operators and other organisations like CIMSPA and the ASA a real insight into where the biggest risks are within facilities. 
"Our members work hard to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries in the sport and leisure sector and trend analysis through a benchmarking platform like STITCH can only help them to deliver safer activity opportunities to the public," said Tara Dillon, CIMSPA's Chief Executive Officer. 
Right Directions will be releasing more findings from the 'STITCH of the Nation' report at Leisure Industry Week in September and then data will be released every quarter, enabling facilities signed up to the platform to regularly benchmark their data against national statistics.

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