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12 Aug 2014

UK's first leisure specific accident benchmarking tool launched - STITCH

UK's first leisure specific accident benchmarking tool launched - STITCH 
The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is putting its weight behind a new benchmarking platform that enables operators to monitor the type and level of accidents occurring at health clubs and all types of leisure facilities across the UK. 
STITCH is an online leisure management accident analysis platform tool that captures, collates and aggregates accident and 'near miss' data, providing a live snapshot of KPIs that allow management to monitor accident trends locally and nationally, and club and centre managers to review site trends and avoidable incidents. 
Operators are guided as they input details of any accident, including who was responsible for the centre at the time of the event, whether the accident was RIDDOR reportable, if it was avoidable, and whether any employee was unable to work as a result.  
Comprehensive filters and data interrogation functions then sort the information to create bespoke graphs that enable users to issue reports on specific data such as accidents and injuries, action taken, outcomes and actions to prevent reoccurrence by a selected time frame. Graphs can also be issued on who the accident involved - staff, contractor or customer - as well as metrics such as age group, location and activity.  
CIMSPA, which recently confirmed a new corporate partnership with Right Directions, welcomes the new tool. "Our members work hard to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries in the sport and leisure sector and trend analysis through a benchmarking platform like STITCH can only help them to deliver safer activity opportunities to the public," said Tara Dillon, CIMSPA's interim Chief Operating Officer. 
Right Directions are using this new tool to STITCH accidents together to find trends. This will give operators an insight into the type and frequency of accidents occurring around the entire country. It can also help them put preventative measures and service improvement plans in place to reduce the risks. 
For further information on STITCH email: info@rightdirections.co.uk

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