Quality Support in Safe Hands

15 Oct 2012

Health and Safety Checklist

There appears to be various reasons why sites are failing the Health and Safety Declaration module in Quest including a lack of a process to monitor renewal dates.  
With this in mind we have developed a very useful tool that will assist your team to record and monitor renewal dates of the contents of the Declaration and other Health and Safety statutory requirements they may have. We have also built in a provision to add in site specific items. 
We are always looking at ways that we can support Centres to improve your performance. In the coming months we will be developing a portfolio of tools that we feel will assist Managers to proactively manage a variety of processes including staff sickness recording, mandatory qualification checklist and customer comments. 
In the meantime why not take advantage of our introduction offer for the Health and Safety checklist of only £25 per Centre. For further information email gill@rightdirections.co.uk

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